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Cocktail Akademia is a premium independent cocktail bar that was established in 2023. We offer a fun and sophisticated cocktail experience for those looking to explore their taste buds in warm, relaxing and ambient surroundings.

We have 3 bars over 4 floors in our venue:


LOUNGE bar is located on the second floor. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday and is very relaxing and cozy. We offer the best variety of cocktails from ultimate old school classics to sophisticated unusual concoctions.

Click the link below to make a booking.


Our CLUB is located in the basement of our venue. It is open every Friday and Saturday and offers the most fun for celebrating any kind of occasion. Our DJ plays the best old school and nowadays mix. You have few options if you'd like to reserve an area:

BOOK A TABLE - Each table is for up to 4 guests, but you can book several tables together for up to 20 guests. Tables are located next to the bar and close to the dance floor. Click the link below to book a table.

BOOK A VIP BOOTH - We have 3 VIP booths available located in the secluded VIP area next to the DJ and a dance floor. We have 3 booths available from 10 to 15 people each. You have a choice to book booths together for up to 50 people. Reserve your exclusive VIP booth, book a table or simply spend your night on our dance floor. 


Click the link below to book a VIP Booth.

Private  Hire bar

Our PRIVATE HIRE bar is located on the first floor of our venue. This bar has a capacity for 50 guests. It has its own bar, music and a projector in case you want to showcase your special moments or perhaps watch a movie. You can hire it for any occasion or even a business meeting. 

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